Mornings, There the Worst

You know those mornings where your alarm goes off, and you just can’t bring yourself to get out of bed? The mornings where the extra 10 minutes of sleep is more important than looking particularly good and your actually kind of wondering if you really need a job anyways? If you didn’t have a job then you could always sleep in but again, your morning starbucks carmel drink isn’t cheap?

That’s me, literally every morning. I got in the habit last year of sleeping in ten minutes later every morning, which isn’t a big deal, just interrupted my ‘me time’. But the problem arouse when that extra ten minutes turned into 20, then 30 and eventually you were waking up with just enough to throw some clothes on, brush your hair and take off out the door.

Part of this ‘New year, improved me’ was waking up earlier. I have always dreamed of being a morning person. You know, those people who wake up at 5am, run 6 miles, and there day has already started by the time you hit your first snooze button. I’ve always loved the idea of being that person. But going from waking up at 7am, to the dream of waking up at 5am is damn near impossible.

I thought that it was all or nothing. I either jump in and just do it, or wait until the next week when I really would this time, promise, and I continued to tell myself this for damn near a year.

This biggest thing that I’ve had to overcome in my head is that you can’t change yourself over night. You can set these huge goals and expect to hit it. For me, waking up at 5am was the goal and when I would sleep in, even five minutes over, I had already failed in my head, so I would give up before I even started.

Everything is about baby steps. What little steps can you make today in order to get you to your big goal? What achievable goals can you set for yourself this week? It’s not as overwhelming when you say “I’m going to wake up 30 minutes earlier this week” versus “I need to be up at 5am or I’m a failure”.

Life is not just black and white. You are not a failure just because you need to take smaller steps than someone else. No matter how small the steps are, progress is progress. If you can make any progress, no matter how insignificate it seems, you succeed. The only time that you fail, is when you don’t even try.

My goal this week has been waking up just 30 minutes earlier than normal. No, its not exactly what I ultimately want. But damn, was it hard to force myself out of bed every morning, but I did it. I set a small goal, and feel so accomplished that I was able to do it. Instead of feeling like a failure, I am excited for next week, and the week after. All the weeks it will take me to get to my ultimate goal.

Whats your ultimate goal? Is there smaller steps you can take to reach that goal? Go for it!



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